Allergy Alert!

Allergy Protection

We know that serious allergies have the potential to trigger anaphylaxis. Allergens are varied, and so the school response allows for flexibility to accommodate for the child's needs.

We ask children and families to avoid all peanut and nut products in the school. This does limit certain foods for snacks, but these products have been identified as causing some particularly serious reactions, even in minute quantities. New allergens have been identified in the last few years, and so teachers have been instructed to speak to parents to ensure a safe environment for all children. Families with a child with serious medical condition are asked to fill out a medical information form, and are asked to speak to the teacher to decide on a plan of action. Based on the conversation and the severity of the reaction, the teacher may choose to write a note or to speak to all other families to ensure less risk that the child comes in contact with the allergens.

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for everyone while ensuring that all children feel included in the community. 

Les Tournesols Preschool promotes the use of MedicAlert for families who wish to alert first responders in the event of a serious medical situation. Our staff receive regular inservicing on proper response to anaphylaxis.

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